Skrill account verification will allow you to remove certain restrictions on the money turnover in the depositing and withdrawing funds from your wallet. The vase limits (for unverified account) are quite low – €2500 is the total size of all transactions. Such limits won’t allow you to use the system with comfort. It is necessary to go through the account verification procedure in order to:

  • Increase limits of transactions on the account and Skrill card.
  • Make your online wallet secure
  • Get VIP status

Verification consists in these three steps: identity verification, verification of the user’s physical address and verification of account ownership. And you can pass verification:

  • Using a mobile app;
  • In your account using a webcam;
  • Upload photos or scans of documents prepared in advance to your Skrill account.

To join Skrill+VipDeposits loyalty program and get access to the privileges of the payment system, you must immediately after registering:

  • Fill out the form on our website
  • Wait for the confirmation letter by VipDeposits. There you will be informed, that your account had successfully joined the loyalty program
  • Do not make deposits to merchants till you receive the confirmation letter from us!
  • Verificate your account within 7 days from the moment of registration.
  • Make the deposits according to our special prices.

How to verify Skrill account in mobile app:

The fastest way to verify Skrill account is to use the mobile app. You need to pass 3 stages: identity verification, address verification, and account ownership (selfie).

However, there is one thing you should know. To pass verification in Skril mobile app you need to deposit at least $10. After that a window to scan your documents will appear. Let’s review it step by step:


Install and run Skrill app on your smartphone.


As soon as you deposit at least $10, you will be able to verify your account. Deposit via credit card, bank account, or whatever any comfortable method. You can also transfer funds from your NETELLER account. After that, you will see a window to verify your account (screenshot 1).


In the app scan (screenshot 2) your:

  • ID document (passport, ID card, driving license, etc.) (screenshot 3)
  • Do the same manipulation with the document confirming your address (bank statement, utility bill, etc.)
  • And finally, make a selfie with a sheet of paper in your hands. There must be written the word “Skrill” and the date of sending the documents for the account verification.


After these steps, you will see a message that all documents are being reviewed (screenshot 4).

How to pass Skrill verification using webcam

Webcam Skrill verification is also quite fast. Use your webcam, you need to take pictures of your documents identifying yourself, and your selfie. However, address verification should be passed with geolocation or by uploading the appropriate document in your Skrill account.


Go to Settings page, choose Account verification, and click Verify now (screenshot 1).


Click on Take a webcam shot (screenshot 2).


Choose a document type identifying your person: passport, ID card, driving license etc, and take a picture of it using webcam.


Make a selfie with a sheet of paper in your hands. There must be written the word “Skrill” and the date of sending the documents for the account verification.

The result of a successful documents verification will send by e-mail.

  • allow browser to use your webcam on Skrill website;
  • your webcam needs to have the min. resolution of 640 х 480.

All steps will be displayed in the overview window (screenshot 3).

You will be notified by email about the result of your documents check.


This verification method is more lengthy compared to verification from a mobile app or webcam and takes 2-4 business days. Nevertheless, it is the most convenient, because allows you to immediately go through all three phases of verification: verification of identity, addresses and account ownership.

To pass verification at Skrill by uploading documents to the payment site, you need:


On the “Settings” tab, select the “Verify” item, click – “Verify Now” (screenshot 1) and select the third method – “Upload images” (screenshot 2).


To verify your identity, you need to upload a photo (scan) of a document confirming your full name and date of birth, and indicate in advance which document you will upload: a passport, ID card, driver’s license (screenshot 3 and 4).


To confirm the account ownership, you need to upload your photo (person) with a sheet of paper in your hands. There must be written the word “Skrill” and the date of sending the documents for the account verification (screenshot 5).


To verify the address, you also need to first select a document from the proposed list (screenshot 6) and download it in the Skrill office

Information about which documents have already been verified, and which – at the stage of verification – will be displayed in the “Summary” window (screenshot 7).

  • Also, to verify the address, you can enable geolocation in the browser.
  • If you specified the address of registration for verification in Skrill, then almost any bank will give you such a certificate.

The results of the verification of documents will be sent to the email.


To complete a full verification in Skrill (which includes verification of identity and addresses), you must prepare the following documents in advance – color copies (scans) of the originals.


A color copy of the internal or foreign passport (first and second pages), driving license, ID-card – one document of your choice. Black and white copies are not accepted.


The proof of address must be issued by a government or financial institution and not earlier than three months (90 days) prior to submission to Skrill. It may be:

  • Utility bill;
  • Extract from the housing office;
  • Document from the bank, in which there must be 3 parameters.
  • Your name;
  • Address you provided when registering with Skrill;
  • Bank seal;


On the photo with an identity document, the document itself must be readable, the numbers on it should not be covered with fingers.


The size of the photo should not exceed 1.5MB, the format of the documents should be JPG or PNG (for bank references PDF is also allowed), and the photo itself should be clear. All 4 corners of the document must be fully visible in the frame. It is forbidden to edit scans with any tools.

Each new Skrill user registered via the VipDeposits link has the opportunity to get Silver VIP status for a quarter on favorable terms.