How to sign up at NETELLER

To start receiving benefits from NETELLER and VipDeposits you should firstly open new NETELLER account. The interface is user-friendly, so it will be very quick operation.

Please, follow these steps to create a new NETELLER account:


Click on this link to open a new account. Note, that you can benefit from VipDeposits only by using our affiliate link.

In order for the link to operate correctly, we recommend clearing the cache and cookies in browsers, disable VPN, privacy mode, do not use Tor and Opera browser.


Fill the form of the sign up. Don’t forget to think about the account currency. Think of the currency you will use most often for transactions and ATM withdrawals. This will save you money for currency conversions.


After signing up you will receive a confirmation email to your inbox. Click on the link inside and your new NETELLER account will become active and ready for top-ups.


Fill in the data required in the application below and wait for our email which will inform you that the account is successfully connected to our NETELLER VIP Program. Please refrain from any deposits until you get an email from us.


Within 2 business days you will receive a confirmation email from VipDeposits and this is the time when you can enjoy all the benefits we offer.


The last important step you should take is pass the verification process and inform us by email, Skype, or chat when your account is verified. After that we will send a request to grant your account with VIP Bronze PRO status.

If you experience any troubles while registering a new account, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.We are here to help!

Pay attention!

In order to get free VIP Bronze PRO with VipDeposits, you need:

Do not make deposits to merchants from your NETELLER account before you receive the confirmation letter from us!

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